Now Playing Tool for OtsAV

This free tool allows radio stations to display the song playing in OtsAV on their website, Twitter, TuneIn, and live audio stream.

Important: If you are replacing a previous version make sure you replace the PHP files on your web server with the new ones.


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Display the current song title and artist on your website along with the album artwork. Also display recently played songs and a list of songs coming up.

Choose to source the artwork from the iTunes Store, the OtsAV RAC, or both, and specify the order of priority.

A filter allows you to choose which tracks not to publish. This is ideal for ignoring station IDs, promos, stingers, news clips, and so on.

Automatically Tweet the current song and choose what your Tweet says. Optionally include the album artwork in your Tweet.

Automatically send the current song to your TuneIn page.

A save-to-file feature allows you to send the current song details over your live stream (requires streaming software that can be configured to broadcast song details from a file).

A manual override feature lets you send the song details when OtsAV is not playing tracks (e.g. during a live session or when playing a CD).


The computer which runs the Now Playing Tool (this may or may not be your OtsAV computer) must have access to OtsAV logs and access to the Internet. To display song details on your website, PHP must be installed and enabled on your web server.

Note: A few features require the OtsAV RAC to be enabled (most don't require this).